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Wednesday, May 20, 2015



ya rabbi. last muncul masa page 10 of 365. harini aku pun dh tatau page ke berapa. 
even orang yang rajin countdown pun dah slow dah malaeh nak countdown. nak citer dia punya lama dah tak muncul tuu, fuhh. jenuhhh. 

so drop by just to say, sorry for not spending my time for new entry. tho, nobody is care.
potassium (K). 

UUM law students, the only law students that still need to sit for Bar Council Courses (BCC) which none of us (even our lecturers) be able to explain why or what is/are the justifications for us to have this BCC. 

becauuuseeeee, even MMU law students (they established later than us) had passed all conditions put by the Bar Council, and does not have to sit for this BCC. and yes, we are not been given any answer or justification why we are not, when in fact our seniors are able to conquer the law world. 

eh, senior kitorang is not cikai. most of them practiced, in big and established firm. Some of them are even partners, some of them attached to the AGC and yada yada. which by all means, we are on the same level as those who are graduated from other fofular law universities. This is serious talk, bro. Serious. you may find their name in Malaysian Bar website. 

so, sebenarnya point asal nak citer yang before this, seniors need to sit for this BCC in ILKAP during their pupilage period. However, this year we will have to sit this BCC during semester term, that is by this 23rd-30th May. BOOOM !

aceli nak habaq laa seraaaaaaaaaaam woi 23-30 ni. mintak mintak, harap harap. moga moga semuaaaaaa lulus laaaah. dah mcam ujian nk jadi doktor lulus/gagal je ni. seriauuuuu oi. seriauu. 

BCC ada 3 subject;
opinion writing, 
draft pleading 

talk seharian dripada 9 am-5 pm, sambung pagi esok nya dan terus test petang nya. 
untuk 4 hari berturut (23-26)
dan another one paper (29-30) dengan tentatif yang sama. 
kalau tak lemau, memang power la. teguk kacip fatimah pun belum tentu boleh jadi energizer gila. 

so, lets just hope for the best. lets hope that we are able to go through this tough period, ever. 

lets just hope. of course after tireless efforts and pray(s)
May Allah ease everything. 

Hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. are you gonna drop the bomb or not? - jay z

oh yaaa. Our dean urged BC that it would be our last BCC Which means, our Jr will be totally excluded form BCC thing.
aaaaaaah, legaaaa. lets hope that BC is not pulling our legs.

Rejoice peps !

p/s: Goodluck batchmate(s), 12th gen. me heart uols, actually. tinggal 20+ hari je lagi. sob sob