any emotion , if it is sincere, is involuntary

Friday, June 8, 2012



ini idea dapat time makan lunch tadi. 

teori ni sah pasal makanan. apa lagi yang aku reti nak bebel pun kalau bukan makanan. 

okayh, ni berdasarkan pengamatan dan pemerhatian SOLEHAH selama beberapa dekad nih. 

cuba bezakan gambar gambar di bawah 

gambar 1

gambar 2

no. bukan suruh cari 10 perbezaan gambar 1 dan 2. tapi, cuba analisis perbezaan antara 2 gambar ni. beza antara ikan . ofcourse 2 gambar ni adalah nasi yang berlainan. err. nasi 2 orang yang berlainan. 

apa kaitan teori makan lauk dengan boros ? 

mengikut kajian yang dijalankan. tuan punya nasi gambar 2 ( G.2) adalah seorang yang agak boros. nak dibanding kan dengan tuan punya nasi gambar 1 (G.1)

kalau dari gambar di atas, ikan G.2 lebih sikit berbanding G.1 . 

lepas buat pemerhatian, analisis dan perbincangan, maka si solehah senget tu keluar dengan satu HIPOTESIS atau teori

 semakin cepat seseorang menghabiskan lauk sebelum nasinya, semakin boros seseorang itu.

okayh, sekarang cuba korang pulak buat research pasal teori nih. 

sebab setakat ni, apa yang solehah senget observe, memang belum melanggar lagi teori ni. 

yang aku tak puas hatinya, diaaaa nak kata aku boros sebenarnya nih. siamangan betoi. 

okayh fine, aku memang boros dan lauuuk aku mesti abes dulu before nasi. 

aku akan kurangkan makan lauk kalau nasi aku banyak lagi, 

solehah senget pun kembang kan teori nya. 
dengan bangga dia kata, 

kau akan berjimat cermat kalau kau tengok kewangan kau dah tinggal sikit tak padan dengan masa yang kau ada. macam nasi dengan ikan kau tu. 

aku rasa, aku rasa kau patut pi tukar kos. amik psychology. because it suits you better. LOL 

okayh, bai.

- jiwa jiwa-


cuma berharap terus diberi kekuatan untuk terus bergelak sakan. 

berharap untuk terus yakin dengan ketentuan. 

harap oleh terus berpura dalam keterpaksaan. berpura untuk tidak melayan jiwa. 

kadang, rasa macam dah lupa nak luah rasa terbuku dengan orang.

harap untuk terus kuat. 


ya Allah, tunjuk kan jalan keluar secepat mungkin. 

 ya Allah, pelihara lah hati hati kami.

kadang time time macam ni terasa kalau busy banyak kerja okayh jugak. tak sesak nak layan jiwa jiwa yang berjiwa nih. ergh. 

selamat membesar, kepada bekas kawan sebilik zaman sekolah. 

har har har. 

minggu final , macam biasa aku seronok tapi kalau jadual rapat rapat, lagi seronok kot. 

doakan kami yang terbaik. 

ingat sentiasa, setiap orang sedang diuji, sentiasa diuji. ada yang diuji dengan kejayaan, ada yang diuji dengan kemurungan. tapi, still semua itu ujian. ujian yang menentukan hamba yang macam mana kita ni. harap bukan hamba yang ingat pada pencipta yang Maha Esa bila susah je. insyaAllah. Ya Allah, kurniakan aku dan sahabat sahabatku kejayaan berpanjangan dunia dan akhirat. aminn. 

okayh , bai. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012



ni maghrib.
time tak elok nak study sebab tu aku tulis entry. 
amacam pantun aku ? 

sebenarnya, banyak masa aku habiskan berfoya foya bukan study. kalau tak silap aku lah. dan aku rasa, memang aku tak silap. 

okayh, tape. biarkan. dapat result huduh baru ada akai nanti. hmp. harap dijauhkan. 

 ni laaa nak habaq mai la ni remaja sakan noh. eh silap tune.

masa bercinta kemain sakan. jenuh laa kami yang memerhati ni. haih, manusia. 

jangan agung kan sangat cinta pada manusia. sebab, yang paling agung yang menentukan jodoh kau tu lagi perlu kau agungkan melebihi segalanya. sebab, ye . aku dah nyatakan sebabnya. 

tapi, tape. kami doakan jodoh kau dengan dia.

oh ya, atas tindakan drastik dan fikiran separuh sedar. aku ambil keputusan untuk letak noktah dalam cerita. 

lepas beberapa second tersedar, aku cuba positif dan realistik kan hati tentang tindakan aku. com'on akan ada permulaan cerita lain lepas noktah ni. believe in HIM. 

jadi, gua buat lek lek je ah. harap terus lek ah sampai sudah.rempitzzz.

okayh, lagi satu masalah bila final ni selain masalah jiwa jiwa ni, masalah tatau cara belajar yang betul. ceh, skematik sangat. 

har har har. konplen kemain, buat nya tak. usaha je la dulu dol. er. 

okayh, bai. 



tengah final. 

sem ni banyak main. BANYAK. serious tak tipu. 

tak expect pape pun sem ni. huisy. 

awat laa lagu ni ? --'

semoga tak terus tersasar. 

okayh, bai

Friday, June 1, 2012

- survivor's guide-


today, 1st of june. 

this is page is recommended by one of my classmate(S). 

law student should follow up this page, A SURVIVOR's GUIDE 

aku follow macam macam page yang berkaitan dengan law. heh. penting, serious tak tipu. penting untuk aku la . yang lain , tatau lah. haha. 

okayh, this is one of the most interesting tips i got from that page. 

As the nightmare of late night study, spent pens and furiously tabbed notes draws to an end, spare a thought, if you will, for the person on the other side of your exam booklet: the examiner.
Sure, they may very well be the Devil Incarnate or the Absolute Jerk of Exam Marking. Truth is, us examiners have 2, maybe 3 weeks to wade through hundreds of exam papers in the grand Aristotelian search for meaning in the madness…or just a correct case citation. Or any citation. Please cite something. From the right jurisdiction. Antarctica is not a jurisdiction. Chinese law is hardly binding. Economic duress is a bewildering argument when restraint of trade was clearly the better argument. And no, really, it is not okay to continue citing the Trade Practices Act when it has been replaced by the Australian Consumer Law.
Sigh. I know my complaints will find few sympathetic ears on Survive Law. But indeed, as exam papers begin to pour into our pigeonholes and we struggle to decipher hieroglyphic handwriting and find the source of laws invented by desperate students (I know a student who once invented a whole new kind of trust in an exam), I do have one small, minor request: have some sympathy for the examiner.
Now, from the other side of your exam paper, I’m going to fill you in on a few of the worst exam offenders, so your paper never becomes the in-house private joke...


You can smell the fear on the page. This student has read the exam question, realised that none of the cursory week/last 24 hours spent reading someone else’s notes has imbued them with any meaningful understanding of the subject, and sweated their fear all over the exam booklet.
Issues begin but then meander into irrelevance without any conclusion. Five different legal arguments are offered, all tenuous, and some completely incorrect. Arrows point in every direction, interspersed with hurried cross-outs of whole paragraphs or whole pages. Structure is also rather questionable.


If you source your notes from another student, you must make them your own. One way to do this is by integrating lecture notes from your semester, ensuring you update the law when necessary; I once knew a student who forgot to cite the Civil Liability Act in a torts exam because they relied on a pre-CLA set of notes. Another way to make hand-me-down notes your own is by creating one-page summaries of each topic – a seriously good notes ‘short-cut’.


Obsessive perfectionists that we are, law students love a good set of notes. The intimidation of fellow student factor is definitely a plus. This student is easily recognised: they waltz into the exam room with a 100 page set of notes, lovingly tabbed (all the way around), and if exam conditions permit, a thunderous pile of mildly relevant textbooks designed to thump their exam desks and stop the beating hearts of all fellow students. They have no idea what they are doing. Those notes may not even be theirs. Like Chicago’s Billy Flynn, it’s all razzle dazzle.


A good student can walk into an exam with 10 pages or less, perhaps supported by a larger tome of their (condensed) subject notes. The trick is to know when to stop with preparation – when you stop consolidating and condensing and tabbing your notes, and start reading, summarising into one page flowcharts or summaries, and finally doing practise exams. Generally, the final week or two, STUVAC, in other words, should be spent summarising notes, ensuring you understand the entire subject, and doing practise exams. Otherwise, you risk falling into the trap of a student I once knew who expended incredible energy on just one topic of a study group… which didn’t end up surfacing in the exam.


Quite a common ailment. Self-explanatory really. Symptoms include: unusually long responses (10 pages or more, depending on the handwriting size), total lack of structure, lack of coherent or logical argument, randomly cited law.


Plan your response before you write your full answer. Move on to summarising and practise exams earlier so that the final few days before exams are not spent cramming the whole subject but revising it.


This student usually begins beautifully. Extensive explanation of every minor detail and confluence of legal argument. All counter-arguments, sometimes even from international law, thoroughly considered. Highlighting for headlines and key issues. Legible as a good read on Kindle. By page 5 or 6, though, the breakdown begins.
Time’s ticking. Caffeine waning. Life ending. So many issues left to be covered, not to mention other questions. The key contentious issues are usually rushed by this point, chased by a cursory conclusion and clearly the need for a good gin and tonic.
By the second or third question, the student is running on empty. Neat paragraphs descend into scrawled point form. Cases of any vague relevance are thrown into the mix, just because. By the time the exam is done, this paper is best recognised by a note on the final page, which I have seen on several occasions: “Sorry ran out of time. See u next semester :( "


Plan your time before you begin your response. While students around you rush into page 1, take a breather and read the question twice, if not more, underlining key phrases that suggest certain law or issues. Make a brief dot point plan outlining what your issues will be, supported by cases, with a conclusion. This should not take longer than 5-10mins. Then write your opus. Legibly. Highlight the introduction, issues, cases and law, and conclusion.

You see, contrary to how you may feel about your examiner, we don’t really want you to fail. We want you to blow us away. So, go to it.


okayh, yang highlighted tu point penting yang aku rasa paling kena dengan aku. tapi, aku tade la buat notes cantik bagai pastu salin macam buat balik notes lect tu. aku mana reti buat cecantik --'

okayh. GOODLUCK final exam buddies !